What if…

Love could be found anywhere?

I have been encouraged by kind hearts to create a space in which fellow vagabonds, romantic hobo friends, can reside for a few minutes outside the noise of everyday life.

When I’m not hibernating,  I like to exist here with my Hogg family.

I hope my words allow you to reflect on your own experiences.  To see how love can be found in the oddest places-perhaps on a train, inside an office building, walking in a park, coming out of fog, or along some hedgerow in summer.

I invite you to rest here like every word was written for you, because it truly was.

Let’s start at the beginning, when a poet was born. With that, I introduce you to LEONARD LECONTE.





Harry Hogg is a gifted writer with an ability to tell a story in a compelling way . . . with the right pacing, good tension, interesting characters and moving story lines.

Some writers have no idea how good they are nor how their words affect others. Harry Hogg is such a writer, as well as a compelling storyteller. He has a talent that feels natural and a nimbleness with words, producing memorable and meaningful writing. His writing is easy to read, tasty to digest and lovely to contemplate.

I am touched by Harry Hogg’s writing in a profound way. His stories of compassion, tenderness, and heartfelt emotions are entertaining and intriguing. He has a way of using unusual phrases that are spot on and refreshing. His writing is thoughtful with carefully crafted words placed with precision and a purpose: To tell a story in a way that makes it unforgettable.

Harry Hogg writes about ordinary things in an extraordinary way with honesty, poignancy and a feeling of intimacy, as he invites readers into his characters’ lives.

I am mesmerized by his powerful stories, sitting on the edge of my chair, holding my breath, reading to the end. I am transported to that valley, that cliff, that mountainside, that shadow.

It truly is a joy to read Harry Hogg’s unpredictable and elegant writing.

Harry Hogg is a writer who will remain on my “must-read” list. I admire his ability to write in such a captivating way.

-Marlene Cullen

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