The Sound of the Rainbow

Coming in 2018

By In Books

Adventure was everywhere when I was a kid, but the greatest of them was running to catch the school bus and taking the ride down the Sound of Mull on the half hour ride to Craignure, where I boarded the ferry to the mainland, for school.

The sea was part of my everyday existence. While other kids sat in the warmth of the ferry’s canteen during those blustery winter morning journeys, threatening rain clouds low over the waters, I stood on the bow, letting the sharp wind crisp my ears until they felt like ice packs on the side of my head. Hurting so much I entered the classroom crying with pain, tears streaming down my face. Mrs. Braebrook, a round-faced kindly teacher who wore her hair bundled on the top of her head, and her eyeglasses on the end of her nose, would shake her head, grab my hand and pull me down the corridor to the school’s boiler room. ‘Read this,’ she’d say, thrusting a book into my hand, ‘come back to class when you’ve thawed out.’ I was a ridiculous kid. She said that, too. Ten minutes later she would return, carrying a chocolate bar, putting a finger to her lips.

The road home wound its way up the side of the Firth of Lorne toward Tobermory. Every time I saw a rainbow over those Hebridian waters, I heard the island calling me home.


When the Scotland Group put their arms around me, I felt I had come home. I realized that there is a protection from everything and anything through love.

I write sitting by a candle flame that is always lit in my heart. That flame is the love of the Scotland group.

The stories you will read were created for them. For all the love they have shown me.

Thank you.


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